Heart Sounds


This is the Heart Sounds web space. Our music comes from the traditions of four directions, not belonging to any specific genre or traditions and is shared with anyone who feels called. It is born to inspire, lighten up and awaken the body, heart and spirit.

We have been sharing the music and sound events for the many years now and through your support will do for many more.

Upcoming Events 2016 – 2017

Latvia, Aug 2017 (TBA)

Estonia, Aug 2017 (TBA)

Peru, Amazon and Machu Picchu, Jan 19-28, 2017

Italy, Umbria, Nov 25-27, 2016

Join Heart Journeys in Peru

This music experience is not for ears, it comes through vibration entering directly into one’s soul as a reminder of the present moment, reflection about life that comes and goes, about the communion of human beings.

See Contacts if you need any logistics’ update.